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Joydeep Deb

Joydeep Deb

Innovation . Passion . Speed

Joydeep Deb is having over 6 years of work experience in Online Marketing and Web Technologies. Joydeep has a degree in Bachelor of Commerce from Bangalore University and an MBA in Marketing from Sikkim Manipal University.

Currently working as Senior SEO Web Architect at The Search Agency from December 2009, Joydeep has served as Senior Analyst, Web Marketing at Oracle Corporation and as Marketing Associate at MetricStream, Inc.

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I got an eMail asking for my Bank details

Today when I came to office and logged in to check my Yahoo!  mail, I saw that I got a Spam mail asking for my bank details. With subject line “ICICI Bank Account Ownership Verification Needed For 2010”.

Scam eMail asking for Bank details

Scam eMail

The very first moment I saw the mail, I realized it’s a scam mail, no bank will send a mail and ask something like that.

If you have notice in the above image, the sender eMail id is From: ICICI Bank <security.check[at]icicibank[dot]com>, but the To: is blank and no personalization “Dear Joydeep”.

Then I checked for eMail header in Yahoo! mail by clicking “Actions > View Full Header”, as I am a web marketing professional I know how to send merge mail or do mass mailing and if the mail has came from the same domain the SMTP details will show up in the header.

View eMail Header

View eMail Header

Bingo there it is, I found what I expected “Received: from (” a different SMTP details and not the Bank domain SMTP.

Check eMail IP Header

Check eMail IP Header

Second thing what I noticed was the CTA link from the mail was going to (winregioniv[dot]com) and not to the bank domain. So anyways I clicked the link just to see what happens next.

And boom, thanks to Google Chrome I got the following Warning:

Google Chrome Warning

Google Chrome Warning

The domain winregioniv[dot]com in a spam website which is reported as a “phishing” site. That’s it I didn’t continue further as the link had a Java Servlet called (/ I closed the window.

Thanks to Yahoo! Mail and Google Chrome for notifying me in advance that the mail and the website was a scam.

– Joydeep Deb

How to update Nokia phone software

I am using Nokia N95 phone from last couple of years. The cell phone is really good and easy to use, it has a 5 Megapixel Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-fi and many more cool features. The firmware installed on my phone was ‘V 20.0.015’, you can check your Nokia phone firmware version by pressing *#0000# on any Nokia phone.

I wanted to update my N95 phone firmware with the latest firmware software available with Nokia, and for that first you have to install Nokia Software Updater which you can download from the following link (

The followings are required in your machine to run this update.

  • XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • USB cable (data cable) to connect your phone with your PC.
  • Internet Connection

Once you have downloaded and install Nokia Software Updater on your computer, launch the application. Switch your device on and connect it to your PC using the USB cable.

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